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Who is phizuu

phizuu is a mobile application development platform, targeted towards the music industry. We focus on this one area, in order to maintain high standards and offer our clients a focused product. At the moment, phizuu offers applications for both iPhone and Android.

What is phizuu?

phizuu is a mobile application platform targeted towards the music industry. Its main focus is to give musicians the opportunity to make an intimate connection with their fans around the globe. phizuu even has an online content management system which allows the artist to update most of their application content "on the fly." Check out the phizuu Features and Tour pages to get a better idea about what it can offer you.

Why phizuu?

So you want to know why phizuu, right? Let's take a look at several aspects of a great software product:


Yes, one of the most obvious characteristics required when presenting your content to the world is a trendy, friendly and easy to use interface. phizuu goes the extra mile to ensure this. You can check out screenshots of the exquisite design in our Tour section.


One key aspect that often goes overlooked is robust code. This will ensure that your application will not crash and leave your users disappointed and wanting more. phizuu has tons of experience in this area and will make sure this will not be a problem for your application.

Customer Support

We will work with you from day one to answer any questions you may have about the application setup process. We will also ensure that your creation gets into the App Store in a timely manner. Also, our customer support does not end after the application is released into iTunes. Our job is to create a long lasting client relationship, where you will be comfortable coming to us for any questions or issues you may have.


Our main goal is to make sure that you, the customer, gets a product you are happy with. That is why we have created pricing tiers within phizuu:connect to try to fit every design vision and budget. We feel all of these options will give you a great opportunity to enter the mobile space and start connecting with your fans.

Still not convinced?Just give us a shout-out so we can have a chat about what your project entails. Hopefully at the end, the path to creating your design vision will be through phizuu!